Professional Electrical Services in East Brunswick, NJ

Your home or business often has many electrical systems. If you’re not familiar with them, then any problem can leave you frustrated and unsure what to do. Turn to the electrical contractors at Anna Electric LLC for help with electrical services today in East Brunswick, NJ. 

We Are Your Electric Company

 Anna Electric LLC not only provides comprehensive electrical services but quality work as well. We want you to be happy and satisfied when you decide to hire us.

To that end, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. That way, you can rest assured that professionals are handling your work.

Additionally, we only use high-quality products and adhere to quality standards with all our work. Your electrical system is safe in our hands.

Finally, we provide quality services for fair prices. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice on quality to stay within your budget. We’ll let you know what the prices we offer are beforehand so you can make an educated choice.

We Want to Help You

 If you need electrical services for your East Brunswick, NJ, home or business, don’t delay. Call Anna Electric LLC today at (732) 521-3136, or fill out our online form. We look forward to your call! 

Service Upgrades

Electrical services boxes in East Brunswick, NJ

We install all types & sizes of Electrical Service & feeders Including:

overhead & lateral 

100,150,200,400,800.1200 amp 


rehab & new

sub panels

Service Calls


Trouble shooting & Diagnosing:

ground faults, short circuiting,

 faulty switching, receptacles, lighting, wiring

incoming service, thermostat, furnace malfunction

New Construction


Wiring for New Homes,office spaces,warehouses, businesses,

smoke detection,fire alarms 

new utility  service’s,laterals,overhead 

drafting capabilitities



Updating new wiring,switches,receptacles,circuits for kitchens,basements,bathrooms,extensions, dormers  

adding new circuits for hot tubs, pools, microwaves etc..

remediation of old aluminum wiring  ( alumicon, ideal)



New standby and manual generators, transfer switches ,wiring, conduit, concrete pads, plumbing, permitting applications

Generac, Cummings, Honeywell

Solar Installations


Roof & ground mounted arrays

Inverters , micro inverters, railings, panels

wiring ,conduit ,disconnects

necessary filings for state applications, permitting

system owned only

Also serving Edison and Monroe, NJ Areas